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By Tom Zera
Sep 23, 2016 - 4:06:22 PM

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Safety Management Services, Inc., has announced the completion of a new web site to help employers choose the right safety software for their employee safety program. SafetyProgramSoftware.com provides recommendations and a list of attributes to look for when comparing commercial safety software programs.

The home page introduction notes that an effective safety program in any workplace has three basic criteria for preventing employee injuries: 

- Identify and correct unsafe conditions.

- Identify and prohibit employee unsafe work methods.

- Ensure compliance with OSHA safety and health regulations. 

To achieve success, safety software has become an essential part of an effective safety program.

The web site pinpoints six core components of a workplace safety program where safety software can be beneficial:

- Incident Reports: document details and create a database of searchable details.

- Accident Investigations: identify the cause of accidents and track corrective actions.

- Safety Inspections: identify safety hazards and track corrective actions.

- Safety Training: document and track required safety training due and when completed.

- OSHA Compliance: audit OSHA requirements and track corrective actions.

- OSHA injury recordkeeping: OSHA Log and other forms are completed for you.

A list of software attributes for each component of a safety program are labeled as “Important Features”. Additional details and recommendations are provided as well. Each page of this web site gives visitors practical applications and a user friendly format. Overall, the information is help oriented and easy to understand.   

The content of SafetyProgramSoftware.com was produced by Thomas L. Zera, a Certified Safety Professional and the President of Safety Management Services, Inc. Mr. Zera has 25 years of safety management experience as the former Corporate Safety Manager of Dunlop Tires and Sports Companies, providing safety consulting services and developing safety software. 

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